SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile Launching System


ASELSAN SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile Launching System is a versatile defensive and offensive weapon system that provides high effectivity against ground targets in day/night and adverse weather conditions thanks to its computer controlled fire control subsystem designed to limit the operator’s task.

The Weapon Platform can be customized in order to carry the amount of missiles required by the customer. Alongside with 2/4 Anti-Tank Guided missiles, the System can be configured to carry 12.7 or/and 7.62 mm machine gun for self-protection.

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The System is light weight, low volume and suitable for integration with a variety of existing or new armoured high mobility fighting vehicles, considerably upgrading their lethality. It allows the system to be operated from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision to protect the gunner or/and commander from being exposed.

SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile Launching System is actively used by the Qatar Armed Forces. It is also known that the SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile Launching System is exported to some different countries.


Anti-Tank Missile

  • 2/4 ready to fire Anti-Tank Missile (SKIF, KORNET etc.)

Primary Weapon Options

  • Main Gun: 12.7 mm machine gun
  • Secondary Gun: 7.62 mm machine gun

Movement Limits

  • Two-axis, gyro-stabilized and modular turret
  • Elevation: -15° / +45°
  • Azimuth: n x 360° (with Slip Ring)

Ammunition Stowage

  • Primary Weapon Options : 200 round
  • Co-axial Weapon Options : 400 rounds

Other Features

  • Remote operation and firing capabilities
  • Passive target surveillance, detection, tracking
  • Automatic target tracking
  • Ability to fire when stationary and on the move
  • All weather Infrared/Video imagers and Laser Range Finder
  • Operating Temperature: -32°C – +55°C
  • Capability for integration to external sensors
  • Automated Fire Control Functions
  • Pre-defined sector scanning feature
  • Ballistic computations
  • Last ammunition warning
  • No Point No Fire zones



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