FAC-55 Fast Attack Craft


FAC-55 is a monohull vessel designed to perform sea warfare and patrol on the open seas, under heavy sea and weather conditions, equipped with gas turbine propulsion system, conforming naval norms/standards and classification rules.

It is anticipated that FAC55 will be preferred within the scope of the project called “Turkish Type Assault Boat”, which was initiated in line with the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

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Design, Purpose and Capabilities 

FAC-55 has been mainly designed for the following tasks;

  • Acting as fast attack craft and participaing in selected offensive operations
  • Coastal and offshore patrolling & monitoring
  • Air and sea surveillance & control

FAC-55 has the following capabilities;

  • 55+ knots maximum speed
  • 1000 mil endurance at 20 knots economical speed
  • Operations up to sea state 5
  • Non-magnetic steel hull and superstructure
  • Reduced radar cross section (RCS)
  • Reduced infared signature (IR)
  • Reduced acoustic & magnetic signature

Main Dimensions

  • Length Overall: 62.67m
  • Length Waterline: 55.98m
  • Max. Breadth: 9.84m
  • Draft: 1.68m
  • Displacement: 535 tons

Speed & Endurance

  • Max. Speed: 55+ knots
  • Economical Speed: 18 knots
  • Endurance: 1000nm at 20 knots
  • 750nm at 50 knots


Tank Capacities

  • Fuel: 90 tons
  • Fresh Water: 8 tons

Sensor & Weapons

  • 3D Search Radar / IFF
  • ARPA/LPI Navigation Radar
  • E/O Director
  • HF/VHF/UHF Communications Systems
  • 1x STING Radar
  • 1x 76mm Gun
  • 2x 12.7mm STAMP
  • 1x RAM
  • 4×2 AShM
  • 2x CHAFF Decoy

Main Propulsion

  • COGAG 28 MW
  • 3x Water Jets

Power Generation

  • 3x200kW Diesel Generators

Ship’s Boats

  • 1x RHIB


  • Comfortable accommodation for 34 crew
  • Galley, dry provisions, freezing rooms, wardroom/mess hall, office, CIC, etc.
  • Length of stay at sea: 7 days

Growth Capabilitites

  • Custom Sensors & Weapons
  • Higher Accommodation

Source: SavunmaSanayiST.com


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