TCG UFUK (A591) Test and Trial Ship


With the contract signed between the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Defence Industries and STM A.Ş. on December 30, 2016, the first works on the Test and Training Ship project were started in May 2017.

After the completion of the construction process in the Istanbul Naval Shipyard, the Test and Training Ship TCG UFUK (A-591) was launched with a ceremony held on February 9, 2019. The ship is planned to be used in the testing and training needs as well as signal and electronic intelligence missions of the Turkish Naval Forces. The Test and Training Ship TCG Ufuk (A-591), designed using the hull form of MİLGEM Ada Class Corvette, can navigate for 45 days without interruption in harsh climatic and marine conditions, including international waters.

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TCG UFUK (A-591), which is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command in 2020, will not have any large-scale weapon system, just like its counterparts, in order not to be perceived as a threat. However, the ship will be equipped with low caliber machine guns for self-defense purposes. It is estimated that TCG UFUK will be equipped with intelligence systems developed by ASELSAN.

The ship, which will be the first intelligence ship in Turkey, is projected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces Command in 2020 with 99.5 meters of overall length, 14.4 meters of maximum width, 2,400 tons of displacement and 3.6 meters of draft, and the necessary platform for a 10-ton helicopter.



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