ALTAY Main Battle Tank (MBT)


Within the scope of ALTAY Project the objective is to design, develop, and produce a prototype of, a tank domestically that is equipped with cutting edge technology weapon systems and has high mobility and survivability, long range and effective fire-impact power, advanced electronic operational capability, develop its fire control and command control, communication information systems nationally and develop its armored systems domestically through technology transfer.

In the first phase of the project for which a contract was signed in 2008, two prototypes were produced and tests were completed successfully. In the coming period, a serial production of 250 ALTAY Tanks will be realized.

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ALTAY Main Battle Tank Production Program, which was developed with the vision of responding to the combat conditions of today and the future, was initiated on November 9th, 2018 with mass production agreement signed between the Defense Industry Presidency and BMC. As the main contractor within the scope of the program, BMC will produce 250 ALTAY Main Battle Tanks and deliver them to the Turkish Armed Forces. Nearly 200 subcontractors, whom are local companies mostly, will be involved in the project.

ALTAY; It will be produced in three different configurations as T1, T2 and T3. The tanks that will be produced in the T1 stage will have ASELSAN AKKOR Active Protection System and Roketsan production ERA armor. The tanks to be produced in the T2 stage will have a much superior capability than the tanks in the T1 stage.

Of the 250 tanks to be produced, 40 will be in T1 and 210 will be in T2 configuration.



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