Second Turkish S-400 battery coming


Delivery of the first battery of the 2 Squadron (4 Batteries) S-400 Air Defense Missile System (ADMS) purchased by Turkey from the Russian Federation had been completed in recent weeks. Minister of National Defense Hulusi AKAR announced when the second S-400 battery would be delivered. “As of August 27, transportation activities for the supply of the second battery will begin,” Minister AKAR said in a statement.

An agreement was signed between Turkey and the Russian Federation in 2017 to supply 2 squadrons (4 batteries) of S-400 air defense missile system for $ 2.5 billion. Within this scope, deliveries of the first S-400 battery were completed in the last weeks and the 1st S-400 Fleet Command (ZAFER Fleet) at Ankara Mürted Airport Command was taken into inventory. Deliveries of the second and final battery to be delivered to the 1st S-400 Fleet Command are expected to be completed in September and the batteries belonging to the 2nd S-400 Fleet Command will be delivered by the beginning of 2020.

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